Regular tests make your company safer

Regular Covid-19 tests can help make your workplace safer

On the way to March 29th and the first easing of restrictions, we look forward to taking these next steps safely. However, when we get to this point, executives need to plan ahead to create safe work environments that will help stop the virus from spreading.

At the time of writing, over 25 million people in the UK have had their first vaccination, which is already a huge leap forward. While the vaccine offers us long-term protection, it cannot do all that is needed on its own. Testing in the workplace now offers us a way forward. Hence, it is important that business owners act soon.

Register your company for free trials by the end of June before March 31st. Just follow this link. This is open to companies that are not already open and now includes companies with fewer than 50 employees.

The crucial role of regular quick tests in the workplace

If we want to stop the virus from spreading, we have to break the chains of transmission. Millions of people already use regular rapid tests to protect those around them. If you are someone who has to leave the house to go to work, regular rapid tests are available for you. Having access to regular tests makes workplaces safer for employees and protects companies. That is why you have to play your role as a company leader. Testing makes your business more resilient as it allows cases to be detected early before they spread, which can affect the health and wellbeing of your employees.

About one in three people with coronavirus have no symptoms or fail to realize they are infected, so they are unlikely to get tested or self-isolate. This means they can spread the virus in workplaces without knowing it. Regular tests already drastically reduce the number of these cases. So far, rapid tests have identified over 92,000 asymptomatic positive cases that would otherwise have spread the virus.

How regular quick tests work in the workplace

Rapid Covid-19 tests are easy and convenient for workers to perform. The results come back in about 30 minutes. Signing up your company for regular quick on-the-job tests so employees can be tested at least twice a week can stop the spread and keep your family, friends, co-workers, and business safe. Helping us all get life moving.

Tests are sent to companies for free, which makes testing even more accessible. Companies only need to provide a test room, some basic equipment, and staff to support them.

Odyssey Systems, based in Stockton-on-Tees, is one of the many companies that has signed up for regular rapid workplace tests. As a relatively small company with around 28 employees, they provide business-critical services in the North East and Yorkshire.

“Our employees work remotely whenever possible. However, an office presence is required for several functions. When installing equipment or providing remote working solutions, our engineers need to visit a customer’s premises. Lateral flow tests provide security for staff and engineers visiting customers’ premises, and having free access to these tests has made a huge impact on our business, ”said Andrew Middlemiss, Finance Director at Odyssey Systems.

An online portal was launched at, which makes it even easier for companies to find out about offering workplace tests – and to order free tests. Companies get all the information they need to plan and run their testing program.

If your company signs up by March 31st, free trials will be offered until the end of June. You can register today by clicking this link.

Who is Eligible?

A major effort in the private and public sectors has already generated interest from over 48,000 UK organizations.

Any company with employees in England unable to work from home can sign up for quick on-the-job tests, including those that are still closed due to a lockdown. You still have to register by March 31st. Free trials are currently offered until the end of June. Register your company here.

Use these links for more information on coronavirus testing if your business is registered in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

If you’re a smaller company that can’t offer quick on-the-job testing, you can direct your employees to their local test locations. You can find information about the test here by using the zip code checker.

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