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How Yoga Can Help Woman

Sep 1

"Yoga is for everyone," says yoga instructor and founder of Yoga With Adriene, Adriene Mishler. "It's not a niche activity reserved only for yogis or the most flexible person in the room." The benefits of Yoga are well documented: It can strengthen muscles, increase range of motion, boost moods, and improve overall mental clarity. But what about women? Is there anything unique about how they should practice it?

The answer is yes. Here, we'll explore how the postures in Yoga specifically offer benefits to a woman's body and how Yoga can help a woman during different phases of their lives.


Yoga means "union" in Sanskrit, which makes it a fitting name for the practice that's all about connecting mind and body. Yoga is also one of the most popular ways to de-stress today - with more than 36 million Americans practicing asanas, or poses, each year (according to statistics from

Yoga has long been seen as an activity practiced by women but not men. Women were discouraged from getting involved in a strenuous exercises like lifting weights or running marathons due to their propensity towards experiencing joint pain during menstruation. Yoga eventually works more than just the physical body and has been found to help with stress management, back pain, anxiety, depression.

Women's Yoga: The Importance of Yoga for Women

One of the most popular ways to de-stress today is through Yoga, but many wonder if it can be beneficial for women. As a result, we decided to explore some benefits that Yoga could have on women and how they started practicing in general due to societal pressures and restrictions placed upon them from generations ago until now.

The word 'yoga' means union or joining together, making sense because this practice is about connecting mind and body. It has long been seen as an activity practiced by only females but not males. Females were discouraged from getting involved in strengthening the body or mind.

Yoga during menstrual period

Many women may turn to yoga while on their periods as a means of de-stressing and taking care of themselves. Yoga can be helpful in many ways, such as helping relieve cramps and reducing the mood swings attributed to menstrual cycles.

Days after Menstruation

It is also vital for women to practice yoga post-menstruation. The practice of a gentle flow class, such as Vinyasa or Yin Yoga, can help make the body feel better and increase flexibility."

Practicing inversions like Sirsasana (headstand) may also be beneficial because it helps relieve menstrual cramps by providing relief from pain and pressure on the lower abdomen, alleviating any constriction that can happen at this time of the month."

Women who have had surgery

Some women may not be able to exercise for months or years following an operation fully. Hence, they must find other methods of physical activity during this period - one being Yoga. This type of exercise will help them recover faster because it helps stretch out muscles and regain flexibility.  Furthermore, it should improve balance which makes sense considering how much work goes into recovering from surgery post-op."

Days during Ovulation Period

With rising hormones, women's strength also grows in the days leading up to ovulation. This is a good time for them to use that strength by practicing poses like Vashistasana (a seated posture with legs and arms extended) or Utthita Trikonasana (an upright standing forward bending stretch).


Yoga After Ovulation

Doing Yoga after the ovulation period is also crucial for women. "It's important to do asanas like Uttanasana, which focuses on the lower abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles - strengthening them in preparation for pregnancy."

"Many people think that yoga is only a safe practice during pregnancy or after giving birth, but it can be beneficial at any point," says Rousell."

Some yoga experts believe asanas can also help improve fertility in women of all ages. For example, some evidence suggests practicing poses like Janu Sirsasana - a seated forward bend posture which opens the hips and groin area- may increase sperm count."

For those who are pregnant

Moms-to-be needs to take care of themselves during this particular time because pregnancy will impose physical strains on their body. Pregnant women may need to practice poses in which they lie down and raise their legs overhead due to increased pelvic size. This might pose more difficulty for them than someone who is not expecting."

Yoga as Meditation or Prayer

For Hindus, Yoga is considered a form of prayer or meditation. Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice that can help people achieve peace." The method of Yoga, which originated in India, can benefit everyone. For Instance, it promotes flexibility, strength, and well-being by improving mental fortitude.


"The person who practices yoga is creating a connection between their body, mind, and spirit."


Yoga teaches us to be present at the moment without being worried about what will happen following or past issues that we may have experienced." Yoga is not only for women—men can also benefit immensely from this practice as it can help them with fertility too."


This article talks about how Yoga helps women through various ways such as Pregnant Woman's Yoga Practice (benefits of practicing certain poses), COYA Yoga As Meditation Or Prayer, which Hindus consider an act of meditation or prayer. It also talks about the benefits of doing Yoga which includes flexibility, strength, etc. Importance Of

Yoga has been proven to be beneficial for both mental and physical health since ancient times. "There are many benefits that come from doing yoga," explains Yoga Alliance spokeswoman Susan Schenck, Ph.D., author of Healing Yoga for Women's Health Problems ."For example, it can help people with diabetes manage blood sugar levels better or counteract some effects of chronic conditions like arthritis by strengthening muscles and tend