GoDaddy is internet hosting a digital Christmas avenue to advertise small companies

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GoDaddy, the small business website platform, has launched its first virtual Christmas high street event to help micro business owners sell online.

Since the main street is quieter than usual, GoDaddyShops is hosting a virtual main street event to connect businesses with shoppers.

GoDaddy's 2020 State of the Nation study found that one in five micro-businesses went online for the first time this year.

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Companies are finding new ways to use social media as well, and often changing their products and services overnight.

63 percent of consumers surveyed said they were shopping at small and local micro-businesses during the outbreak – a trend that is expected to continue through 2021.

Sakshi Anand, GoDaddy's Senior Director in the UK and Ireland, said, “We know times are challenging for businesses and there is uncertainty about what winter and the holidays will be like. The second lockdown had a big impact on all of us, but since we've seen many small businesses innovate to get through the first lockdown, I'm optimistic that they will remain stable.

“Our research shows that we need to listen to business owners and understand the support they need. Micro businesses need support and recognition so that they can innovate their way into our country's economic recovery. "

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How to Participate in the # 1GoDaddyShops Virtual High Street Facebook Event

  1. Attend the event here by selecting "Going".
  2. Click the Discussions tab and share your website with a little introduction about your business and activities
  3. Share a different product every day
  4. Share the event with your followers and friends (and we will share it with the world)
  5. Hashtag #GoDaddyUK and #GoDaddyShops on your posts

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