Covid-19 Roadmap – When Can I Reopen My Small Business in Wales?

Mark Drakeford, First Secretary of State for Wales, made his announcement today

Mark Drakeford, Wales’ first minister, has announced the country’s first steps out of the lockdown, including dates on which some businesses could reopen.

As with the roadmaps for England and Scotland, priority will be given to reopening schools. But unlike the others, Mark Drakeford created a plan based on dates rather than numbered levels. However, the number of cases must remain low and certain conditions must be met in order to relax the restrictions.

Here is the current plan.

From March 13th

  • The message “Stay at home” changes to “Stay local”. This means that people can travel in their area – that’s usually within five miles
  • The outdoor sports facilities are reopening, including tennis courts, golf courses and bowling courts

From March 15th

  • Hairdressers and hairdressers only reopen to cut hair by appointment

From March 22nd

  • Non-essential aisles in supermarkets open again
  • Open the garden center again

From March 27th (if the review conditions are met)

  • The self-contained accommodation will be reopened for a household
  • The instructions “Stay on site” were canceled and tourism reopened. This enables people to travel within Wales

From April 12th (subject to April 1st review)

  • All close contact services will be reopened
  • All non-essential retail openings will reopen

Can I get funding if my store has to be closed?

Another £ 150m is available to support businesses through the end of March if they fail to reopen.

The additional funding will receive an additional payment of up to £ 5,000 for hospitality, tourism, leisure and non-essential retail businesses that pay non-domestic prices.

Drakeford also referred to other business support, such as the extension of vacation with business tariffs announced in the Chancellor’s most recent budget.

He added: “We all want Wales to reopen and a more normal life to return. This is in sight – but only if we can keep the virus under control. Nobody wants us to have to reintroduce severe restrictions to withdraw from the advances we have made. Only together can we help protect Wales. “

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