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IBC Tote Mixer - Keeping Your Homestead Organized and Functional

Mar 23

Whether it's for storing tools, stacking firewood, preserving harvested vegetables or storing animal feed, proper storage will help you to keep your homestead organized and functional. Storage is also essential for maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Intermediate bulk containers, or IBC totes in Digital Drive Modes, are ideal for storing and transporting liquids. They have a cubic design that allows them to fit nicely onto a standard shipping pallet base. IBC totes are often used for storing and distributing animal feed, as well as for transporting liquid fertilizer. They are also commonly used as a water source for livestock, especially in the case of rainwater harvesting. Often, farmers will set up dispensing lines, including PVC pipe and high-quality garden hoses or water pumps to transfer the clean rainwater from the IBC to where it's needed on the farm.

If you use IBC totes for your farming needs, you may need a IBC tote mixer for proper agitation and handling of your liquid products. These portable tote mixers are a great choice for IBC tanks, as they have a 5.75" collapsible mixing impeller that fits easily through the top screw cap opening of most Schutz style IBC tanks. Different models are available for a variety of applications, from light, pneumatic IBC tote agitators that can handle liquids with a viscosity up to 10,000 cps to larger, electric-powered mixers designed for IBC tanks with higher viscosities.

Many of these IBC tote mixers are also designed for safe and easy operation, as they can be operated by just one person. This helps to reduce worker fatigue and minimizes the risk of accidents that can occur when a heavy mechanical mixer is operated by more than one person or requires a forklift to move around. The EvenMix IBC Tote Mixer is an excellent example of this innovative technology, as it provides heavy-duty power in a lightweight design that can be handled by one person.

Once the fermentation process is complete in a wine or beer making setup, it's important to rack and bottle the final product. This is typically done in an IBC tank that has a drain valve at the bottom of the unit. The racking and bottling process can be messy, but the drain valve on an IBC tote makes this much easier than working with smaller bottles or barrels.

IBC tote mixers are also a popular choice for aquaculture and hydroponics setups. The large volume and strength of these industrial-grade totes make them an ideal container for holding fish, plants, and growing media. Because they are closed containers, IBCs are also an ideal storage option for pesticides and other dangerous or hazardous chemicals.

However, if you're using an IBC for these purposes, be sure to ensure the tote meets any local and state regulations or safety standards regarding storage and transportation of these chemicals. For example, some chemical containers will require specialized UN/DOT labels and permits for freight handling. Likewise, some chemicals will need to be diluted or otherwise prepared prior to shipment or storage.



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