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IBC Mixer For Tote Mixing

Dec 15

Ibc anti-contamination mixer allows an operator to mix liquids right in the Intermediate Bulk Container tank (commonly known as a “Schutz style” or “Poly IBC”). These containers are re-useable, have a standard 6" top opening and hold everything from chemicals to food products. Traditionally IBC tanks are transported and stored on a pallet and pumped into or out of using a forklift. This method can be inefficient and time consuming if the product needs to be mixed before use. An IBC Mixer is the perfect solution for this problem.

IBC Mixer for Tote Mixing

A pneumatic tote agitator is used to mix all types of liquids directly inside the IBC tote tank. It utilizes four fan-shaped folding impellers which create a vortex to agitate the fluids throughout the IBC tote and prevent product sedimentation at the bottom of the container. The IBC mixer can also be fitted with an optional Low-level Kicker impeller for products that require a higher mixing speed or are highly viscous.

Unlike traditional IBC mixers that are heavy, have multiple moving parts and are dangerous to operate a pneumatic tote agitator is simple to use. It is powered by clean compressed air, nitrogen gas or a food-grade oxygen tank and only requires one person to attach it to the tote lid and turn the handle. This eliminates the need for multiple people or a forklift to install and operate an IBC agitator and is safe in any environment.

The mixer’s powerful agitation process is capable of mixing any type of high-viscosity or high solids liquid within minutes at any liquid level in the IBC tote tank container. It can even re-homogenize and remix heavier settled solids or liquids that have been separated during transportation and storage.

These IBC agitators are rated for safety and compliance in any industrial or food-grade application. They are made of all-metal with stainless steel shafts and can be fitted with a variety of mixing attachments including mixing heads, agitators, spouts and more. An optional explosion proof motor is available for harsh environments or chemical resistant applications.

The IBC tote mixers for sale are a great investment because they allow an operator to save valuable time and labor in transporting or pumping bulk liquids into and out of a secondary mixing vessel. By reducing the number of steps required to get a job done an IBC mixer can also lower production costs by increasing worker efficiency. Additionally, mixing inside of an IBC tank reduces the amount of product waste caused by transferring material into and out of a large mixer. Depending on the application, there are IBC mixers for sale in a wide range of sizes and power capabilities. Choosing the right IBC mixer for your application is easy at White Mountain Process. Our experienced team can help you select the best mixer for your application and budget. Contact us today to get started!