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What to Look For in an IT Services Provider

Sep 21

Whether you’re a start-up with limited IT resources or an established enterprise, you need a tech partner to keep your company running smoothly. A good IT services provider will take care of both routine maintenance and higher-level strategy – either in-house, with an outsourced team or with a combination of the two. The best IT services companies will have scalable solutions that meet your company’s unique needs, from simple help desk support to full-service advisory.

A managed firewall services provider that specializes in cybersecurity services can ensure the safety of your sensitive data and business operations. They’ll protect your organization from cyberattacks by using a blend of preventative measures and reactive troubleshooting. These include continuous network monitoring, patch/update management, and layers upon layers of security measures to safeguard your IT infrastructure.

In addition to cybersecurity services, a good IT services company will also offer cloud service and IT consulting. They’ll assess your IT infrastructure to identify gaps and provide recommendations for optimizing efficiency. They’ll also help you migrate to a new cloud or IT platform, which is especially important for businesses that want to scale and improve performance.

If your business is growing rapidly, you need an IT services provider that can manage a scalable growth plan. This will require your IT services company to handle larger projects such as office relocations, next-gen data backup and more. They’ll also need to support more staff and a larger number of computers, which means more points of failure and vulnerability.

A good IT services company will have a scalable model and a virtual CTO that can guide you through IT profitability, efficiency and security decisions. This will help you avoid surprises by ensuring your IT investments align with your business goals.

Whether your IT needs are basic or complex, you’ll find the right IT services company by evaluating their client base and experience. Look for a company that serves clients across industries, including healthcare, finance and marketing. They should also have the necessary qualifications and certifications to ensure your IT support is high-quality.

Founded in 2001, HIFENCE is a New York-based IT services firm with more than 100 employees. They specialize in BI and big data, IT infrastructure, and cloud consulting. They helped a healthcare firm with their IT infrastructure and also developed an environment database. Other IT services they provide include UC and collaboration consulting, productivity and CI/CD consulting, and software development.