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Attractions Available at Bounce House Rentals New Orleans

Mar 7

Bounce House Rentals New Orleans are a great way to add entertainment to your party without spending a fortune. These bounce houses are available in all sizes and price ranges for kids, teens, and adults.

About to Bounce has added a new line-up of Extreme Attraction rentals to their collection. This includes a Euro Bungee Trampoline, Rock Climbing Wall, Portable Mini-Golf Course, Meltdown Game, and Virtual VR Roller Coaster Gaming.

Water Slides

About to Bounce is the go-to place for all your bounce house and water slide needs in New Orleans. They offer a large selection of high-quality supplies that are inspected on a regular basis and completely safe for use at your event. Their water slides and other inflatables have made waves with church, school, corporate, and children's parties over the years and are a huge hit at events in New Orleans.

The About to Bounce collection of water slides includes some of the newest and most exciting water attractions in New Orleans. These slides are sure to get your heart racing and make you feel like a kid again!

These inflatable slides are ideal for birthday parties and family reunions. They are great for kids of all ages, and there are multiple sizes to choose from so that everyone can enjoy it.

In addition to the slides, About to Bounce also has a variety of other party equipment rentals available. Some of the other options include a rock climbing wall, a Euro Bungee Trampoline, and a Toxic Meltdown Game.

A toddler bounce house is another popular rental that is becoming a rage for children of all ages. These inflatable bounce houses have an open top and a different layout than the traditional bounce houses, which makes them easier for little ones to get in and out of. They have a small slide and a slightly slanted climb that is easy for even toddlers to navigate without assistance. In addition to this, they have interactive popup characters that are fun for kids of all ages.

Rock Climbing Wall

The Rock Climbing Wall available at Bounce House Rentals New Orleans is a one of a kind attraction that will take your next event to the next level. This inflatable wall is a 4 station attraction that has each climbing station offering a different degree of difficulty to challenge even the most experienced climbers. This inflatable also includes automatic belays that allow the participants to smoothly and safely return back down from their adventures on the wall!

This mobile rock climbing wall is perfect for any school, church, fair, fundraiser, or corporate event. It's a fun activity that will keep your guests entertained for hours and they will be talking about it for days to come!

Unlike other attractions, the Rock Climbing Wall at Bounce House Rentals New Orleans has actual climb holds that you can actually use to get to the top of the wall. The best part is that it is a mobile unit so it can easily be brought to your location. This mobile unit is great for any event, but it is especially ideal for kids and teens.

About to Bounce has a wide selection of extreme attraction rentals that are sure to please the kids and adults at your next event. This lineup of attractions includes a Euro Bungee Trampoline, a Rock Climbing Wall, a Portable Mini-Golf Course, and a Meltdown Game. It's time to take your New Orleans event to the next level and book some of these awesome attractions today! Call us at 972-338-0077 or email our team.

Virtual Reality Coaster

If you are looking for an attraction that will thrill your guests at your next party, then the Virtual Reality Coaster available at Bounce House Rentals New Orleans is a must have! This inflatable attraction is a complete VR roller coaster simulator that features awesome visual sceneries, scenarios, vibrations, and even wind.

These are great attractions for any event, but they are especially popular for toddler parties because they are much more kid friendly and open. This means that you can let your little ones jump in the bounce house without worrying about them getting trapped inside!

In addition to the bouncy houses, you can also rent a number of different games for your party. These include a portable mini golf course, a rock climbing wall, and a Euro bungee trampoline.

You can rent many games for your party, but if you are looking for something that will be a little bit more competitive than normal, you should consider renting an obstacle course. These are great for teen and adult parties because they offer different obstacles that the players will have to complete in order to be successful.

The most popular inflatable obstacle course bouncy house rentals you can rent are the ones with multiple stations. Each station has a different challenge that the competitors have to go through. You can have as many players as you want competing and winning in this fun game!

If you are planning a teen or adult party, then the VR Coaster is a must have. This will be a fantastic way for your guests to have an experience that they will remember forever!

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