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The New PDF Viewer App That Makes PDF Viewing Hassle-Free Even On The Go

Jan 29

Team Xtend App is excited to announce the launch of its first app - PDF Pro which offers a seamless and intuitive PDF reading experience. 


Los Angeles, January 27, 2023 — 


The PDF Viewer App makes uploading and displaying PDF files on your website a seamless and safe process. It has a highly functional user interface that allows it to be easily used on multiple devices. PDF Pro can be effortlessly added as an extension to any website. 


It offers myriad benefits, including: 


  • Easy upload and display of PDF files on your site
  • Keeps your content safe and secure
  • Allows multi-device responsiveness
  • A dynamic user interface
  • Allows users to watermark a PDF file to protect the copyright of your PDF. It ensures that your PDF cannot be screenshotted or reused.
  • A custom search box so your website visitors can effortlessly search for specific words, text, or numbers through the entire PDF file. 


Team Xtend App is excited to launch the new PDF Viewer App. The company believes it will be a game-changer for anyone looking for a seamless PDF viewing experience. The goal was to create an app that was easy to use and packed with features that would make PDFs for websites more efficient and intuitive. 


PDF Pro can be used to upload documents like user manuals, ebooks, application forms, and scanned documents and will come in handy for corporates, influencers, PR agencies, online magazines,  government agencies, educational institutions, and the like. 


PDF Pro efficiently addresses the issues or shortcomings users face with existing solution providers, making it the best PDF viewer on WIX currently. 

About Xtend App:

Xtend App is an emerging startup and provider of software solutions for businesses. The company is committed to creating innovative and user-friendly products to help enterprises improve their operations and streamline processes.

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Joshua Flores


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