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North Texas School Board Approves Policy for Staff Carrying Guns – Plano News Place

Dec 18

On Monday, the Keller ISD school board passed a policy that will permit staff members and teachers to carry concealed weapons on school grounds.

The board voted 4-3 to approve Texas' "guardian" program, which would permit teachers and other employees to carry weapons, according to WFAA. Staff "guardians" would act in this capacity willingly, undergo handgun training, and adhere to other conditions. However, parents and board members disapproved.

According to Michele Smith, an HR specialist and parent, a survey about the implementation was distributed to parents some time last month. 580 of the 1,181 respondents, or a total of 1,181, were faculty members, according to WFAA.

According to school board trustee Ruthie Keyes, the majority of parents and teachers who responded to the survey were against the guardian program.

In the discussion, Keyes said, "I think that speaks clearly when you have 848 who say no and 60 that say yes.

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Armed teachers would be the first to react in active shooter situations, which is the program's aim. A large number of parents, present students, and past teachers spoke about the program during the meeting's public comment period.

A few expressed their support, but a lot of others opposed arming teachers.

One parent declared, "I do not want this program, period." "No matter how qualified a teacher is, there is no way I would feel secure sending my child to school knowing they are packing. Why haven't we seen more information about how this application functions?

The school hasn't yet provided any details on how the program will be implemented, but once a strategy is in place, an email will be issued to parents and staff.

We don't have a lot of information because it happened so late, Smith told Local Profile. "This afternoon, I'll probably send the next email." As soon as the district provides new information, Local Profile will revise this article.

The policy was approved by the board 4-3 with the amendment that any references to weapons contractors be deleted.


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