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Five reasons why your car Won't Start

Mar 22


Did you ever get out of your car, jump in the cab and turn the ignition only to find the engine stalling? You're not the only one. As with all kinds of machines automobiles aren't stable. You may be cruising along the highway one day, but the next you are stuck in your drivewayand completely confused. While you're likely to take a few seconds to curse the universe for this occurrence of events and then the next step of action is to diagnose. It's time to determine the cause of what has happened to your vehicle between the previous excursion and now. To help you get to the bottom of it There are five main reasons your car may be not starting...


1. The Car's Battery is Dead

Dead car batteries are the most common reason that cars keep their engines running in the garage. The battery is the main power source for the car, supplying electricity to the lights, wipers radio, and the ignition. If the battery's not supplying enough power, your car won't be able provide the electricity needed in order to turn on.


The battery you have may be experiencing problems for a number of reasons, including:


The life span of your car's battery is over

As the car was switched off, your headlights and lights in the interior were on.

A loose wire

The terminals on the battery in your car have become corroded

Insufficient conductivity as a result of internal humidity and exposure to heat

Extreme temperatures

Parasitic drain happens caused by the use of electricity when the car is running.

You shouldn't keep your car parked for prolonged periods of time.

If you think that your car's battery may be the reason Our towing service in Phoenix can assist. We will quickly arrive at your place with all the tools we'll need (puns not required) and offer roadside assistance such as repairs or towing.


2. Weak Ignition Switch

If your battery isn't to blame, it may be a problem with the ignition switch on your car. Switch on the headlights to determine if the issue is with the battery or the ignition switch. If they turn on they could be a sign of a faulty ignition switch.


3. Blocked Fuel Filter

The name of fuel filters is straightforward. They're responsible for transferring clean fuel to the engine. Without this, gasoline won't be able reach the engine, preventing your vehicle from running efficiently. To ensure your gasoline stays flowing it is recommended to change off your fuel filters every 15,000 - 20,000 kilometers. If you don't do this, you may need to call an tow truck service close to me for help.


4. Problems are with the Ignition Coil

We have touched on the crucial connection between ignition and battery but the ignition may be the cause of your absence of car starting. The ignition coil converts the power of batteries into electrical sparks that allow the engine to spark. If this process is not working or there's any issue with the coil, the engine will not be able to generate enough of a spark to ignite. Our Phoenix towing company will use a multimeter in order to inspect the ignition coil for weak spark. If the spark is found to be weak, you'll likely need an induction coil replacement.


5. Problematic Fuel Pump

The fuel pump's ability use gas to burn is an essential part of the combustion process. This pump sends fuel from the tank, through the fuel rail, to the injectors, from where it is in the engine's cylinder combustion chambers. This means that the fuel pump pumps fuel to the engine. This helps your vehicle get started. Without this system in place there is a chance that you could be left with a vehicle that's not running or a call to an Azteca Towing company to deliver your vehicle to a mechanic.


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